A great night yes indeed! what beautiful authentic trad Cajun music, such good musicians playing songs we hadn’t heard for ages and with loads of drive. From the first number folks were coming up to us and asking where did they come from? Louisiana? … and that they should get a recording asap.  So we danced our socks off or had a sit to listen and take it in.
Everyone loved the Old Time, and the old time/Cajun mix..Chris.. what was the name of that song? loved how you mixed it …
So yes we have already asked them to come back and they accepted our proposal! They will probably do a bit more old timey numbers as everyone loved it and we can get some more of that flat footing from Kay and friends.

So congratulations and thanks again to Chris, Mary, Kirsten, Dan and Grant: The Hotfoot Specials

Thanks also to Angie on cakes, Matt on sound,and Kay and Satu for the excellent dance workshop and of course to everyone who came. …especially the footie fans who did both!